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If your goal is to control cost centers and the inventory related to operations, we at BRIDGE® have the answer with our SurePrint® Ordering Portals. With our wide range of print fulfillment services and products we can help you run and promote your business. Ordering made easy by building and maintaining your own custom ordering portal, just for your business. Let BRIDGE® handle the Ordering, Proofing and Billing processes to save you time and money 24/7. 

Online-Store Portal

If your goal is to control cost centers and the inventory related to operations, we at BRIDGE® can help. BRIDGE® can design, and put into operation, a completely integrated inventory and ordering system to let you achieve that goal. You can centralize, or decentralize, purchasing and procurement at your discretion. Think of this as having our print services on demand at anytime!


BRIDGE® Welcomes You to the Dynamic World of Print Solutions!

We specialize in three important areas of print communication to help our customers share information and deliver important knowledge about the features and benefits of the products and services they deliver to their clients and prospects. With Business, Commercial and Promotional Printing, BRIDGE® is “Connecting YOU with your CUSTOMERS”.

Mailing & Fulfillment

  • Inserting (including match inserting)
  • Labeling
  • Wafer Sealing
  • Metering or Live Stamping
  • Bursting and Bowe Cutting
  • Trimming and Folding
  • Inkjetting
  • Nesting and Interleaving
  • Tipping and Affixing
  • Handwork
  • Literature Distribution
  • Pick – Pack – Ship Programs

Promotional Products

BRIDGE® can help anyone to find just the right item to meet your budget and marketing goals. Our research tools will help you to find just the “right item”, for the “right event” at the “right price”. Promo Products on demand and on time!

Order from the BEST

With over 39 years of printing expertise, you can rest assured any print job will come out exactly how you ordered.

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