Print Technology collects Data
And Prevents Fraud

Thanks to Barilla for this opportunity to showcase print technologies. The project for Barilla was to supply FREE product coupons for all employees at all 3 of their locations: Ames, Iowa – Avon, New York – Northbrook, Illinois. Each booklet distributed to the employees contained product information and 10 coupons for FREE products. The coupons are able to be redeemed at local retail locations that carry the popular Barilla line of products.

The bar code on the coupon collects data as to the employee facility location and the product that the coupon was redeemed for. In addition the coupon is a “Copy-Evident” printed document. That means that the word “VOID” shows up in multiple patterns if the coupon is copied on color printers. That guarantees that each coupon can be redeemed only once and prevents illegal copy duplication of the coupon.



Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector

Once again we are providing Siemens with Belgium Dark Chocolate produced here in Washington State, in the United States of America. Why would Siemens a European manufacturing leader buy their trade show chocolate here? First, they tell us it is the best chocolate they have ever bought for their shows at by far the best price. Second, we ship half the order to Chicago for their annual November Medical Equipment Show and the other half of the order to Germany where they use it around Europe for the shows to demonstrate their fabulous line of MIR and CT Scan Equipment. They appreciate how easy it is to do intercontinental business with us with multiple ship to destinations. Definitely a “Win-Win” on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.



World Routes 2014
The 20th World Route Development Forum

On this project we partnered with the Chicago Department of Aviation and Choose Chicago. BRIDGE® produced 100 Jackets and 200 polo shirts for all the staff and guides at the event. Guides were stationed at McCormick Place, Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History and various connecting points during the conference.

World Routes forms the essential global gathering for aviation organizations from across all continents and countries, bringing together the largest range of airlines, airports, tourism authorities, civil aviation authorities and more from all corners of the world.

The World Routes Conference is Routes largest and most prestigious event, attracting the most senior representatives from a wide variety of organizations who wish to meet, plan and conduct business for new global routes. Next year’s conference is in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.