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Working Remote Items

Swag for Employees at Home

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A lot of work is getting done remote these days and that’s not a bad thing. Your team of trusted employees are hard at work from wherever they may be. You hired the right employees, so its easy to trust that things will remain under control no matter the distance. Why not gift these faithful employees with company swag that makes working from home easier on them? Check out our list of promotional items we think will be useful for remote workers!

Wireless Chargers

What is more convenient than being able to just set your phone next to you and have it charge? Not a whole lot! Check out all the option available in for custom printed wireless chargers. Special materials available like wood or carbon fiber.

Computer Camera Cover

Even Mark Zuckerberg himself covers up his computers camera for privacy reasons. Why not give your employees something that brings peace of mind with the computer they have to take with them wherever they go.

See even more options for branded remote promotional swag including; microfiber clothes, phone stands, and more! Go to for all our options or click the button below to be taken to more suggestions our team has put together!

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