Marketing Event Coordinator’s Favorite Tool

Easy Print Reordering & Inventory

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The job of a marketing material coordinator often has high stress responsibilities associated to events and marketing material to be distributed to company locations within the entire geographical footprint of the organization.

BRIDGE® has developed a tool, SurePrint®, designed specifically to help in the acquisition, storage and distribution of collaborative marketing materials, both SWAG and printed, that are needed each and everyday at locations around the country and the globe.

SurePrint Online Ordering Portal

BRIDGE’s proven software system, SurePrint®, has helped our clients to buy, warehouse and distribute their marketing materials to who needs them, when they need them to where they are needed every day.

If you would like to know more about how SurePrint® may be able to help you and your firm call BRIDGE® at 224-801-8048 to schedule a demo or send an email to:

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