3 Reasons Print + Promotional Services Aren’t Dying (Direct Mail)

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People that say print is dying haven’t seen how print and promotional products can help increase customer response rates by 30%. Read all the reasons below to find out how to use print and promo to its full potential!

Every one has seen print and promotional marketing for years and most kids these days have grown up shaped by the influence of mass advertising. With the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns it would appear that print advertising is a dying industry and that promotional printed products are doomed to follow. However, with the advertising burnout and disconnect that users feel from digital, many people prefer print or promo products for a personal touch. Throughout this article BRIDGE®, would love to show you how Print Services aren’t died and why print is still effective.

Printed Direct Mail Service

Reason 1 - Millennials Prefer Printed Mail to Email

It’s no secret that Millennials have had screens in front of their face since they were young. Waiting a set time and hitting the skip button has just become part of their normal TV or video watching experience. As the graphic below shows,the Millennial generation now spends more time shifting through mail than emails. Becoming so numb to all the online advertising, Millennials are now looking for that personal touch that comes in a mailbox not online. Print and promotional products are quickly becoming the way to reach the younger genration. Thanks to Sarah Scudder and her article on The Resurgence of Print for supplying the data for the following graphic;

Percentages of Millennial Generation with Printed Direct Mail...
Set Aside Time to go Through Their Mail
Look for Useful Info in Mail over Email
Recently Visited a Store Based on Info Received in the Mail

Reason 2 - Direct Mail has More Response than Email

In the video below, you will see that Direct Mail or Printed mail has a 30x higher response rate than email. The numbers show that direct printed mail has a 3.4% response rate compared to only 0.12% of email. People are getting tired of being bombarded with email clutter and want the personal touch that postcards and printed promotional products bring in the mail. Don’t hesitate to check out our Print Mailing and Fulfillment Services if direct mail is starting to sound appealing to you!

Reason 3 - Responses are Higher for Prospects

Finding new clients nowadays is hard! It may be easy to compile a list of companies or people you think are ideal customers, but reaching out and getting a response is hard. According to the 2018 DMA Response Rate Report, Direct mail is getting a 9% response rate normally and a 5% on prospects. No email can that kind of interaction with your potential customers. There is just something so personal about a printed letter or some kind of promotional swag that can’t be conveyed digitally.

Printed Direct Mail Response Rate (Already Established List)
Printed Direct Mail Response Rate (Prospect or New List)

As the stats are starting to show Print and Promotional Products, combined with direct mailing, aren’t died. In fact, due to the over crowded digital space, people are longing for a personal touch that print and promotional products provide. So if you are going to a trade show or want to reach out to your clients through direct mail, we hope you choose BRIDGE® for all of your print service needs!

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