Where's Waldo of Business

We are all looking for “Waldo” in Business

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We are all looking for “Waldo” in Business

The “Where is Waldo” books hit the scene in 1987. Author Martin Hanford had an immediate success on his hands. I remember reading them with my son Derek, who is now the Director of Business Development for BRIDGE.  We had great fun.

The challenge was always to be able to find the “Real Waldo” amongst all the distracting activity within each pictorial scene. There were always a lot of “look alikes” and plenty of interesting sideshows with a good dose of deception to deter one from finding the “real deal”. Isn’t it often that way in our search for quality people to do business with?

We are all so busy with so many responsibilities that often it is difficult to find a business relationship that is genuine and delivers what has been ordered and when it was promised.  Like searching through the “Waldo Picture” we find it difficult to find the “real deal”. We at BRIDGE are committed to be the real deal for our prospects and clients.

This always starts and ends with good and honest communication between our clients, manufacturers and us, as we work on each project. Because most of our orders are custom produced for our clients this is particularly important. Item specifications and artwork copy must be communicated clearly and in an orderly process to ensure on-time delivery. Many orders are for specific marketing events and delivery dates are crucial.

We understand that as you look at the landscape of suppliers it is crowded and elusive, just like the Waldo picture, to find a business partner that supplies your needs correctly, on time and at the right price. When you look at and work with BRIDGE, we promise you will be working with the “REAL DEAL”.

Richard Stienstra


BRIDGE Printing & Promotional Products, Inc.