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A Company Code of Ethics – Is it important?

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A Company Code of Ethics – Is it important?

We have all heard of the importance of having an “elevator speech”. You know, that 15-20 second explanation of what it is that you or your company do. Here is mine: “We are a graphic arts communication company that specializes in three types of printing: Business Printing, Commercial Printing, and Promotional Printing”. That simple sentence opens the possibility to further explain what we do for our clients.

Once we have established what we do, the next logical questions for me were; “So what sets BRIDGE® apart from the rest of the field of suppliers that do just what we do? What makes our printing and processes better than our competitors? Our equipment and that of our suppliers are universal throughout our industry. Our ink, paper, coffee mugs, apparel, banners; everything we provide is available to everyone in our industry. So, what sets us apart? Answer, our Code of Ethics.

You see it is not WHAT we do that makes us successful but HOW we do it. And that is encapsulated in our Code of Ethics:

“In all our professional relationships, we pledge ourselves to this rule of ethical conduct: We shall, to the best of our ability, treat each client, vendor, and the fellow worker just as we would want to be treated.”

When we write down the “how we will do business” and communicate with staff the guidelines by which we are expected to conduct ourselves, it formalizes the thinking and processes of conducting our businesses. A companies Code of Ethics tells our audience, whoever they are, how they can expect to be served when doing business with our firm. The Code of Ethics sets a standard, and standards help predict the experience our business partners can expect from us, and we from each other. People are important no matter what side of the transaction they lie, and when people feel they are important they want to buy, sell to, and work for, our companies.

That is what makes a Code of Ethics important.

Richard Stienstra
BRIDGE® Printing & Promotional Products, Inc.