Powered By BRIDGE®: #1 SurePrint® Online Ordering Portal

Powered by Bridge #1 SurePrint

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What does it mean to be powered by BRIDGE®: #1 SurePrint® Online Ordering Portal?

Powered by Bridge #1 SurePrint
Powering the #1 best SurePrint® Online Ordering Portals

• Every uniform, scrub, business card, promotional print product, swag, or any other print service needed by your company can be purchased or released from inventory within your online ordering portal.

• Employee & Admin log-ins for your employees to set security and ordering levels. Allow branches and individual employees to order what they need when they need it.

• BRIDGE® SurePrint® allows you to control corporate approved branding on every item and saves past designs for quick restocking of needed supplies.

• Consolidated billing that allows you to customize and control cost center expenses. This saves your corporate billing department time and money!

• Pick up the phone and call BRIDGE®, not a service center! When you call for support, we answer questions and walk you through your purchase experience. We’ll help you find the BRIDGE® solution that is right for you!

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