Direct Mail Services

  • Inserting (including match inserting)
  • Labeling
  • Wafer Sealing
  • Metering or Live Stamping
  • Bursting and Bowe Cutting
  • Trimming and Folding
  • Ink jetting
  • Nesting and Interleaving
  • Tipping and Affixing
  • Personalization
Print, Pack, & Ship
Printed Direct Mail Service

BRIDGE® will help you with your direct mail campaign! We will help with all the printing of the promotional letters and the fulfillment service necessary to get your campaign sent out. 

Direct Mail

Reasons Print & Promo are Making a Comeback

Check out our informative blog giving reasons why you should consider using direct mail and print to reach your customers. People are starting to prefer that personal touch that only direct mail marketing can provide!