Custom Branding for Shipping

How to get a Custom Shipping Label (Branded Shipping)

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Companies that take part in the countless packages that are shipped each day are looking for ways to stand out. You can pack up the best product or information bundle to send to customers, but you need something that represents your brand. You don’t want the boxes you ship out to look like every other box with the standard labels. If you are looking to have your shipped items stand out, read this article for exactly how to do that and tips to label extras that should be included.

Customer Service Based Shipping Practices

As with most parts of your business, you want to make sure your shipping is customer service focused. You want to provide the best experience possible for the customer. If you’re already providing services like priority mail or free shipping, you might as well go the extra mile and get custom printed labels.

Custom branded print labels allow for companies’ logos to be placed on the front of the package. This gives you prime real-estate for the people that have to deliver this package and the customer picking it up. You can create this brand recognition every time they get a package from you. It will start to excite them when a package has your logo on it.

Tips to Ordering your Print Shipping Labels

  1. Return Package Label – Make sure that your custom labels come with a tear-off return label so that it makes it simple to toss one in the box for easy returns. This is a convenience for your customers that they won’t forget about. If it is as easy as making sure your custom shipping label has a tear-off return label, why wouldn’t you want to provide this convenience for your customers?
  2. Custom Delivery Address Sticker – Just having a printed from and to address area is no longer enough for customers. They want to see something that shows your brand. Make sure that your return address and reference numbers all match the returners intent.
  3. Branded Shipping Labels – If your shipping labels aren’t branded, you are missing a chance to connect with your customer. Like we talked about earlier getting that branded logo in front of your audience is key. The Sticker You Blog even wrote a whole blog about “The Art of Shipping a Package.” If other companies are taking the time to make their packing into art, you should at least have a logo on your labels.
  4. Good Relations with your Delivery Service – On top of offering discounts on shipping or fewer business days, your relationship with your delivery service can help you with your labels. You might be able to get away with more handwritten additions to your labels if you have a good relationship with them. One thing you always have to make sure is checked off is that the labels you are using are approved to be used by UPS or FedEx. If you create shipping labels with a custom company like ours, we always make sure that it is compliant.

Wrapping up the Custom Label Shipment

Hopefully, you learned a lot about getting custom shipping labels for your company. It can be a complex process, but BRIDGE® aims to make it simple. We specialize in custom branded print jobs just like this all the time. We do this all at an affordable price. Contact us if you would like to begin designing your mailing labels today or take our 4 steps pdf download to keep ready for when you are ready for shipping labels!