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BRIDGE® has been in the form printing business for a long time. At one point, our name was “BRIDGE® Business Forms.” Even though we are the fun promotional and marketing company that you see today, we still offer our business printing services to many companies out there. There is still a huge market for business printing, especially in the banking industry. BRIDGE® offers custom check printing and business card printing to many of Chicago’s local banks.

Most Common Business Printing Solution (Business Cards)

If it isn’t obvious from how many business cards stack up on your desk or in your bags, business cards are a must for any kind of business today. Even if you’re a small business trying to get your foot in the door, people won’t have the information to get back in touch with you without a business card. You need to have something to get your name, number, and email out there to potential prospects.

We talk a ton about our online ordering solution for business cards (see our dedicated business card ordering solution page) here on our blog. The fact is that business cards are an important part of any company. It spreads your brand and gives people a way to contact you further. Business cards have really become the first step in marketing for your company’s brand, and with extras like full-color print and soft-touch paper, it has never been easier to make your card stand out!

Ordering Custom Branded Blank Invoice Forms (Invoices)

Now if you already got those business cards out there working for you, some of them may end up converting to a sale. In this case, you’ll need another business printing service. Invoices are already something that you have to send out to the people who just received your good or service. Why would you send them an invoice on a cookie-cutter free blank invoice template that some guy copied together on Microsoft Word? Use an invoice to establish a brand and remind your customer of the product or service you already did for them.

Getting a professional-looking invoice will allow you to stand out from other business invoicing customers receive. There are extras that can be printed directly on the printable blank invoices that allow you to speed up the time it takes when creating an invoice. Our services are set up to save you time while extending your brand reach.

Brand your Company’s Payments (Custom Check Printing)

Giving away a check can be a painful experience for any company or it can be a time of payment for a job well done. Just because the payment terms state that you have to give over money doesn’t mean you can’t use this as an opportunity to promote your brand. Simply giving the vendor or contractor a personalized check will create a branded memory to working with your company in his mind. It builds a whole lot more loyalty than simply sending over computer checks!

You’ll have to make sure that the checks work with your accounting systems, mainly Quickbooks, and has the security features necessary to protect your company. At BRIDGE®, we make sure that all the security features come standard with your checks. We also help guide you toward extras like side tear checks that will save your company time.

We hope that you have enjoyed our blog post about some of the business printing services we offer at BRIDGE® Printing & Promotional Products inc. Banks all over the northwest suburbs of Chicago are signing up to do their checks, deposit slips, and other necessary business print products with us all the time. So if you are a bank in Schaumburg or a company that business cards need to be sent to multiple locations across Chicago, we can help you with our extensive printing solutions.