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When going into the promotional world it can be tricky to nail down an exact process. Certain swag works for certain situations but not for all. Plus, there are things like business cards that you are going to have to re-order and get shipped to multiple places. Well, we think that promotional inventory solves many of the issues that companies run into when getting into promoting their brand. Using cutting edge webstore technology and years of experience, BRIDGE handles your promotional supply chain and helps you get the swag you want at a price you can afford. Read more into this article to see how BRIDGE can become your full-service branding solution.

Controlling Inventory Levels

This is often one of the most overlooked areas in the promotional marketing industry. Inventory can be one of your biggest cost-saving areas if it is done correctly. There is two ways that swag inventory can help save a few extra dollars. The first is using bulk ordering and the second is adding a management system as your needs grow.

Using our SurePrint Solution to order bulk of any kind of swag or merch helps get you to rock bottom pricing. Working with our expert staff will guarantee that if you are close to a price break we will recommend to up the purchase order to get you the best deal. This will work with any promotional item you can think of. For example, if you need 100 of an item but the price break is at 150, we can inventory the extra 50 here and get them sent anywhere you need!

Having items sent anywhere you need brings us to the next point of managing the inventory as you grow. If promotional products or other marketing works then your need for branded merchandise will grow. An example of this is when you have multiple locations that need similar business cards yet you want the bill to all come to one place. This is where our technology rises above the competition with adjustable inventory controls that let you automate ordering and billing. This also allows you or your employees to order business cards anywhere that has internet access!

Promotional Product Warehousing

Promotional Products Agency

Another huge benefit that working with us and allowing BRIDGE to handle your promotional product inventory is that we are a whole promotional product agency. We don’t just offer one of two things for you to print on, we offer over 600,000 different options for you to have creative promotional items. This allows you to promote your brand the way your company wants and gets results in real-time!

Being such a big promotional product vendor also gives our customers the ability to find replacements. If there is one item that is out of stock in the color you want, chances are that we have another color or replacement item you can use. We run into this from time to time and always find something that our clients agree is comparable. This can really come in handy if places run out of a company’s favorite promotional item right before a big event!

Thousands of swag or merch options all in one place, that is how BRIDGE becomes people’s one-stop printing shop! If you are thinking about getting into brand promoting then you are going to need a marketing agency to offer you everything you need to grow with your business. It also helps that with BRIDGE you also have the option to control your order process and get exactly what you want every time you need it!

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