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We have talked about business cards in our blogs before but we’ve never shown the process of ordering business cards with us. Our Sureprint Online Portals process hundreds of orders a day going to companies with multiple locations. This kind of fulfillment comes after we have an established corporate-approved branding for the design and enabled quick reordering with a store. BRIDGE® also has options for just simply ordering one set of business cards. So regardless if you are trying to solve the ordering for your company or ordering one set, read through this article to get an idea of how it all works.

Establishing the Design of Your Business Cards

The first step in the ordering process is obviously setting up the design. If you already have a design for your cards this step can be completed by simply sending us in the design. (Please send a vector file if you can) If you don’t have any kind of design completed then you’ll have to go through the process of choosing your card. This process includes steps like; establishing standard contact information, card stock, colors, and fonts.

Establishing what type of contact information you want to be displayed on your business card is the first step. This is really important because you want your potential client to be able to get in contact with your company. You will also want to give them multiple ways to connect as some people feel more comfortable reaching out in different ways. We suggest the following contact information be on your card;

  • Employee Name (Employee Title if Appropriate)
  • Company Name or Logo
  • Company Website
  • Email of the Contact
  • Company or Contact Phone Number
  • Company Address (if customers can visit location)

Pro tip: Some of this contact information can be replaced by a QR code business card addition. Simply take your potential client to your site or to more information with the scan of the card from a smart phone’s camera. We will do all the work of getting you a 2d barcode using our QR code generator. The only thing you have to do explain to your customers how to scan the code!

The next few steps all involve the style of your business card. If you are in a larger company, your business card design might be subject to coparate approval. If you are in a larger company and want to set standards for any business card ordered under your brand, BRIDGE can set this up in an easy to use online reordering portal.

Card Stock

If you have gotten a business card lately, one thing that you may have noticed is that there are a ton of options. You can now use things like ultra-thick paper or shiny foil to make your business card more eye-catching. As for choosing the right card stock for your card, just make sure its something they can print full color on. There are an endless amount of upgrades you can add to your card stock, but just do what you think will stand out. Remember, you are competing against the other 100 cards that these people received at the tradeshow.

Font & Color

These areas most of the time are easy to choose for most companies since they already have an established brand. If you haven’t established your brand font and colors or don’t think they will go good on a business card, that is fine too. Make sure that everything is readable between your text colors and backgrounds. It also pays off to have an easily readable font as well, but maybe a little thickness to stand out helps too.

If you don’t want to have to worry about things like card stock and design, we have a handful of graphic designers that will gladly help you get the perfect card. We have done this for multiple companies that have all loved the final design of their cards. Get started with your card design by clicking the link below.

Example of Our Graphic Design Work

order professional business cards online

Adding Employees and Reordering

One issue that people encounter with other business card printers is that after you order once thats it. They may keep the pdf on file, but then they might charge you if you get a new employee and need to change the info. This is hard on both the people ordering the business card and the printer.

BRIDGE uses our SurePrint stores in order to solve the problems here. It allows for corporate branding and new employees to easily type in their own information and order it to the location they need. This all on top of getting consolidated invoices to the correct billing location gives our SurePrint stores a step above the rest.

In the video below, we display how easy it is t order those custom business cards your company needs. It also allows for all business card online activity to be controlled in one place. Watch the video to find out where to order business cards online once you set up a portal with us.

We hope that you liked our article showing how to the business card ordering process works and why we think you should choose us when it comes time to order again. Our clients are some of the top companies in Chicago and trust our SurePrint Stores on a daily basis. You can trust you will get quick responses and quality products when dealing with any of our printing services.

Corporate Business Card Ordering services are available! Check out more about our services by clicking the button below.

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