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How to Order Business Cards (Online Portal)

Online Ordering Made Easy

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With all the ways that so many online companies allow you to make business cards, like Vista Print and Canva, it can get really confusing on how to actually order your company’s business cards. You need a way to send business cards to multiple locations or remote employees with your approved corporate style. On top of all those business card ordering requirements, you need it billed one place simply. Read this article to find out all that goes into business card ordering and why we think our SurePrint® Business Card Ordering Solution might be right for you!

Order Professional Business Cards Online (Corporate Approved Branding)

There is no point in trying to convince you that business cards work. It is a well-known business practice that is used by most business professionals. If you need more information on the effectiveness of business cards, check out LifeHacker’s Post Here. Finding your way to this post means your more interested in the online ordering process for business cards. Setting up corporate approved business card templates and creating business card design that works for your industry is more what you need now.

Business’s have so many options when it comes to setting up a business card to order online. Using our SurePrint Ordering Solution makes your order experience a breeze. We help you set up the design of your business card and add things like uv coating and double sided to the notes. We then set your custom card into a template so your employees can simply change the card contact information. Finally, you can get a pdf proof and order your business card to any location you need!

After the first time ordering, your company’s business card template is saved to a custom branded online ordering portal. From here you can do the complete business card ordering process on a single website domain! Pull up previous orders quickly to simplify reordering or add custom contact information from the same place. Get the custom business cards you want when you need them!

Here is a video with a better explanation of the BRIDGE® SurePrint® Online Ordering Experience;

Business Cards with that Eye Catching Finish

With the pains of business card orders taken care or by a SurePrint® Online Ordering Portal, it allows you to focus more of your time creating that eye-catching business card people can’t put down. You can put in tons of effort into things like paper stock or full color, but it is all aiming to just get the customer to keep the business card. It really needs to be a high quality print on premium paper to stand out from the other business cards gathered from events.

With BRIDGE® we aim to make this process as easy as possible while keeping you in control of the design. You can come to us with a fully designed and ready to go design and we can turn that into a template for you. If it just isn’t your company’s strong suit to design, pass it onto one of the members of our design team. They will work with you to get the perfect business card match for your company.

Check out a recent example of our design teams work below;

order professional business cards online

Wrapping up Business Card Ordering

We hope that this article was helpful in explaining the needs of business card ordering. It can be a difficult and complex task, but we aim to make it as hassle-free as possible. Check out our site to see what our business cards offer and maybe if we are having a free business card promotion. Regardless, contact us with your business card needs and we will get the business cards you need in a reasonable amount of business days!

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